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Experienced In Family Law

James J. Pardi II, Attorney at Law, is a law office in Worthington, Ohio, that provides excellent representation for a wide variety of issues in family law.

Attorney James J. Pardi II has been practicing law for more than 25 years and has a long and successful track record of helping clients reach the best resolution to difficult problems. He is skilled at the legal, interpersonal and financial aspects of divorce including custody related matters, but never loses sight of the human aspect of family law issues. For the majority of his legal career he has frequently been appointed as a guardian ad litem, conducting investigations for the court and representing the best interests of children in the legal system. As guardian ad litem he lectures on topics regarding guardian ad litem law: mentors young guardians and is involved in court committees regarding guardian ad litem issues in Franklin County domestic relations and juvenile court.

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Your Finances And Your Future

The most time-consuming and technically complicated part of many divorces is the property division process. To make sure you are financially prepared for your newly independent life, you need help from a lawyer with experience in property division, asset valuation, spousal support and the many other related issues. We help our clients defend their rights and fight for the settlements they deserve but also settlements that make financial sense given their circumstance and goals post-divorce.

Your Children’s Future

Disputes over child custody, visitation and child support are difficult for everyone involved. Your lawyer must defend your parental rights and protect your relationship with your child, while also ensuring that your child’s best interests are paramount. We help clients with many such issues, including child custody in divorce, for unmarried parents and post-decree modifications.


We put a lot of work into reaching agreements on behalf of our clients, but we know that family law agreements, like the families involved, can change a lot over time. Often, a new job, a new marriage, a move to another city or other life changes make previous agreements and orders unpractical. When that happens, we represent our clients in post-decree issues.

Get started resolving your family law issues by calling our office at 614-441-9968 to schedule an appointment. You can also contact us by email.